I’m Bret Mundt. I secretly buy businesses from owners who want to retire.

With decades of manufacturing, construction and business experience, I know how to make businesses run better and make more money. I have solutions for any problem that you might be struggling with and I most importantly, I have a heart for people. It would be my joy and honor to help you transition from business owner to retired in the timing that is best for you.

As a classically trained mechanical engineer I look for ways to improve everything. Its surprising what happens when you take something that is standard operating procedures in one industry or niche and take it to another niche. With my vast exposure to how the top companies in the world solve problems and approach business, I am able to take the best practices from those Billion dollar companies to the small business but without all the corporate BS. The results are amazing, especially in improving efficiency of business operations.

I love talking with business owners about the challenges they face and helping them transition their business to new ownership by buying their business in complete confidence.

Things I Can Help You With


Business transition planning

I help you plan how you will transition your business to a new owner when you decide its time to move on. I take into consideration the tax impact of the sale, making sure you maintain the lifestyle you’ve enjoyed while you were actively operating your business.


Marketing Strategy and implementation

I combine good old fashioned marketing with advanced digital marketing and SEO to get you more business. I have dozens of referral systems to choose from to grow your business organically.


Business Strategy

Very few small businesses have a business strategy. I work with you to set up a strategy you can use to grow your business and position it in the marketplace.


Growth through Acquisition

Most business owners grow their business organically. They improve their sales, marketing and their advertising to drive leads.

The fastest way to grow is to buy other businesses in your space. I have in depth experience in locating and acquiring businesses. You can grow by millions in just a few months.


Employee Acquisition

Finding good people is really hard. I have strategies to get the people you need that will help your business grow and prosper.


Employee Retention

You want to keep the employees you have and the new ones you get.

I have an employee retention program to implement in your business that will prevent any other business from poaching your key people.


Process Improvement

I am a specialist in improving processes. In just a few days I will assess how you do things and based on my 34 years of experience make suggestions that increase your efficiency anywhere from 20% to 60%.

Most of these changes have very low cost to implement.


Profit Enhancement

Increasing the amount of profit your business generates is key to increasing the value of your business.

I implement my 3 ways to maximize profits in your business in as little as 6 weeks.

You will see the rewards in your bottom line.

If You Have Any Questions,
Feel Free to Call 901-496-3890

Selling your business is a really big deal, financially and emotionally. We work to make sure you pay as little taxes as legally possible, don’t have to change your lifestyle, and that your employees and customers are well taken care of and that your business lives on for generations to come.

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